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We provide an efficient and effective platform for our clients to solve complex business problems. Our goal & mission is to aid our clients through pragmatic strategy driven decision making. 

We go beyond the obvious – with intelligence, passion and creativity – to discover new directions, set bespoke roadmaps and plan actions that effect growth.

We specialize in devising and recommending techniques to improve the marketing operations of our clients: executing extensive market research and analysis on market-related information to identify the market potential. 

Developing roadmaps for marketing insights in-line with the client's goals as well as participating in planning and creating marketing programs and content.  

We help our clients better understand their customers, competitors, and industry as a whole.  


Primarily focusing on the EMEA region. 

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Marketing Research

End-users have more agency than ever before. Through exploring the nuances behind consumer behavior; by delving into the subtleties of customer behavior, we help you understand the consumer landscape. Exploring end-user culture, our human-centric approach to the particular scenarios unearths ground-breaking insights. Our researchers and consultants leverage the power of multiple methodologies and viewpoints to listen to and translate the end-user voice into actionable insights. We believe that the consumer should be at the heart of all product, brand and service initiatives undertaken by companies today. We deploy data techniques to understand the drivers behind how consumers decision making.

Innovation & Ideation

Unprecedented innovation is foremost than ever given the current rapid consumer behavior changes. Our innovation strategy is evidence-based and it makes use of our Framework to identify, create, and maximize opportunities for our clients. By using an iteration approach that links market need to feasible products or services, we can develop and assess new ideas based on the assets and limitations of a client. Our process results in concepts for our clients that are current, distinctive, and in line with their objectives for innovation.

Strategy & Advisory

Culture & Insights

You can clearly map out a path to your desired destination by evaluating where you are right now. Our Culture & Insights team will work with you to test theories, uncover hidden information, and establish a baseline for improvement. Our knowledge is based on solid procedures and frameworks. We work with you to understand why and how your people behave the way they do, whether it's through a diagnostic to explore and define company culture, project-specific deep-dive research, a niche audit, or continuing internal communications evaluation. We are specialists in converting those insights into concise, practical recommendations to promote lasting change.

Foresight & Trend Analysis

We are aware of the origins of cultural trends, how they develop, how to spot innovation hotspots, and how to predict whether emerging trends will gain traction. We can predict which signals will develop into trends and how these trends will spread and influence consumer behaviour according to our rigorous Cultural Analytics Framework, which is supported by decades of primary qualitative and quantitative research. Our process is tailored to the needs of our clients, but common inputs include social media listening, key informant and expert interviews, tracking of progressive consumers, and quantitative tracking data.

Language & Translation Insights

Through our cooperation with a wide range of qualified, in-market specialists, we help you take full control of your global identity. We ensure your message resonates across languages and regions using effective localization, cultural insights, and much more.

We collaborate with clients to find, develop, and enhance growth potential that are consistent with a dynamic market. Our advisory services leverages our expertise of research on consumer demand, purchasing behavior, and business strategy to enable companies to benefit from both present and future market demand. Our primary competencies include corporate innovation strategy, portfolio and brand strategy, advice on start-ups, and scenario development utilizing our in-house model to equips a client on adapting to today's changing market.

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